Thursday, February 4, 2010

Halos for Hope

At Jade Tree, we are in the process of launching what we think will be a great product to help raise awareness and support for our project and help with the continual work in Yushu. In doing some research, I found that in 2008, a Chinese media medium reported annual average income in rural areas of Tibet were $450 US dollars. That is $1.23 per day to provide food, shelter, medical expenses, and clothing. With our "Halos for Hope" initiative, if you purchase one bangle or bracelet, you basically provide the equivalent of a day's wage to a person in Tibet. Now, that being said, let me assure you that we pay our employees well above what is considered average, surpassing even the requirements of "Fair Trade."
Help us continue to impact this area of tremendous poverty by purchasing a Halo for Hope bangle and know that you are helping to battle for people who can't fight for themselves. Help us provide a way for workers in Yushu to pave a way for the community out of historical rut of poverty. Look for us at retail shops in your area soon. If there is a boutique shop in your area where you would like to see our bangles, let us know, and let THEM know you would like to purchase our products through them.